It’s Our Passion that Makes Us Different.

Selecting someone to care for your loved one can be overwhelming. The most important thing you care about is peace of mind. The challenge is in achieving that.

Here at Sandcastle, we do our best to eliminate some of those pressure points. For example, we are a licensed home health agency (not a nurse registry). That means our caregivers are employees of Sandcastle, not independent contractors. That’s important for you because our caregivers:

  • must pass a rigorous Level II background check
  • are licensed, insured and bonded through Sandcastle
  • are professionally supervised to ensure your loved one is receiving best possible care
  • are provided continuing education, training and support
  • are legally verified to work in United States
  • have workers’ compensation insurance paid by Sandcastle so family is not legally responsible

These are highly significant matters of importance when looking for a caregiver for your loved one. Also, here at Sandcastle, we are proud of our diversity. That diversity is reflected companywide in our opinions, experiences, skill sets and backgrounds. We celebrate each other’s uniqueness because just as no two caregivers are alike, no two clients are alike either. Our leadership teams have over a hundred years of combined home care experience. Our years of serving seniors is something you can’t teach. Those years of wisdom are an asset that we use to judge applicants who want to become caregivers.

“I didn’t become a caregiver. You can learn and be taught how to become a caregiver but I realized after training that I just am one.“

– Sherika, Sandcastle Team Member