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When starting the search for in-home care, it can feel overwhelming. There are quite a few options to look into as well as deciding if an agency or a registry is the better choice for you or your loved one.

Agency or Registry

A home care agency manages the caregiver assigned to providing you or your loves one’s care. Agencies take care of payroll, federal and state taxes, social security, Medicare, unemployment and among others like background checks, continuing education, ongoing support and training. Sandcastle Homecare is an agency where everything is handled by us, allowing our caregivers to solely focus on providing you or your loved one care as though they are family and leaving the critical operational items to the rest of our team.

A nurse registry essentially hires the caregiver while you or your loved one manages the caregiver putting more responsibility on you. Since registries are hiring the caregiver, you or your loved one will take on the responsibility of the agencies making you responsible for understanding and complying with this often-confusing array of withholding taxes among other responsibilities as well.

Agency or Registry

Below is a breakdown between agencies and registries:

 Sandcastle HomecareRegistry/Direct Hire
Are caregivers’ employees of the company you pay for care?YESNo
Does the company verify that caregivers can legally work in the United States?YESNo
Have all caregivers undergone rigorous criminal, abuse registry and reference background checks?YESNo
Are caregivers’ company-trained before they are assigned to homes, and do they receive ongoing training?YESNo
Are Social Security, federal and state taxes, and unemployment insurance paid so the family is not legally responsible?YESNo
Is workers’ compensation insurance (or the equivalent) paid so the family is not Legally Responsible?YESNo
Is professional liability insurance for the caregiver paid so the family is protected?YESNo
Are the caregivers bonded/insured?YESNo
Does the company conduct supervisory home visits to verify quality care is being provided?YESNo
Does the company provide qualified replacement care if the scheduled caregiver cannot make it?YESNo
Does the company develop a written care plan?YESNo