The Best Care Starts At Home.

Personal Care

We understand that your loved one’s dignity is important. Our caregivers are trained to respect boundaries and allow our clients to decide if they want to perform certain tasks themselves. Even seniors who can no longer do basic activities by themselves need to retain a certain level of independence, and that is something we are very conscious about. Whether it’s assisting with personal hygiene getting dressed or getting to and from the bed, our caregivers are available to assist.

Light Housekeeping

Helping clients maintain a tidy living space is crucial in the safety of their well-being. By having our caregivers assist your loved one, it can add physical, mental and social stimulation to their day as well. Our caregivers are happy to assist with cleaning and organizing everything from furniture to dishes, laundry and ironing and even performing outside tasks like light gardening.


Most would agree that companionship is a basic human need. Having that connection with someone provokes closeness and provides a confidant and someone you can rely on. Some days our caregivers are the only human contact our clients have. Our caregivers understand the importance of this and encourage active thinking through scrapbooking, solving puzzles and playing an instrument together as well as social activities that lead to greater socialization like volunteering, group meals and attending church and community events.

Meals Services


Our caregivers are happy to assist a client with meal preparation feeding and cooking. Having a healthy, home-made meal based on your dietary needs is extremely important. So, leave the cooking and dishes to our caregivers.

Medication Reminder

Having special attention to prescriptions, the timing and the accuracy is crucial. Our caregivers strictly follow the prescription instructions and upon renewal we are happy to contact the doctor or pharmacy and arrange a pick-up or delivery. Rest assured that if an issue is ever sighted, the designated family member or health professional is immediately contacted. Not being compliant with medication is common and dangerous for our seniors. Having peace of mind, knowing a caregiver is assisting your loved one is priceless. Allow our caregivers to be an extension of you, keeping your loved one safe.

Medication Reminder

Escorts for Errands & Appointments

Having that feeling of independence is invaluable. Our caregiver can help your loved ones stay mobile, if needed by accompanying them to a doctor’s appointment, to pick-up a prescription, or other errands like a trip to the beach.

24/7 Emergency Care

We understand a good night’s sleep is important for you and your loved ones. If needed, our caregivers can provide peace of mind by being available with our 24/7 emergency care. Our caregivers can be there to ensure you stay safe and tend to your needs in the comfort of your own home.