With so much uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, Sandcastle Homecare is working harder than ever to ensure that our clients, caregivers and staff are protected. Though COVID-19 presents new challenges that our industry has never seen before, we are proud to say we have the finest team and resources to overcome those challenges:

  • Our team is provided with COVID-19 tests with results within forty-eight (48) hours.  
  • Each caregiver visiting a client’s home is provided with personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, sanitizer) and is practicing universal precautions ensuring we greatly minimize risk of exposure.
  • Reducing the number of caregivers visiting clients, limits exposure and promotes continuity of care.
  • Caregivers are performing a symptom check on every client at each visit.
  • Each caregiver is in daily communication with our office regarding symptoms they may be having, or if they have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 symptoms.
  • All staff members are either working from home or working at our offices while wearing a mask and practicing safe social distancing practices. This keeps our office functioning at a high level, allowing our team to work on the operations critical to maintaining our high quality of care.

We’ve raised caregiver’s compensation across the board due to the increased importance of their duties. This investment promotes continuity of care for our clients and grows our pool of caregivers to ensure we accommodate new clients.