Does Insurance Cover Homecare? 

As families explore professional in-home care, they’re often left with one common question: does insurance cover homecare? 

The short answer is, yes.

However, navigating the complexities of insurance can be daunting, and understanding the landscape is imperative for ensuring your parents receive the proper care and payment needed to consider it. Here, you’ll learn the complexities behind in-home care insurance coverage and what to expect when searching for long-term care for your loved ones. 

One option for getting coverage for in-home care is a policy called Long-term Insurance, or LTC for short. This is a valuable resource designed to cover a range of services, including caregiver support for mom or dad, personal care, and home health aide services. Families who’ve invested in an LTC insurance plan can rest assured that the financial arrangements necessary for in-home care are significantly alleviated — providing peace of mind during such a pivotal moment of life. 

Senior insurance often includes provisions for in-home care, acknowledging the growing need for aging adults, like the ones we normally provide services to in Florida, often require. Understanding the specifics of your elderly insurance policy is important in maximizing the benefits for caregiver services, senior safety measures and other essential aspects of in-home care. If you have any questions regarding your insurance policy and its coverages, our team of dedicated advisors at Sandcastle Homecare would be happy to take a closer look to find what plan and coverage works best for your elderly loved ones’ needs. 

Another option for insurance coverage on long-term care includes Medicaid LTC — such as Aetna, Sunshine Health, UnitedHealth, Humana, Florida Community Care, Staywell, and Simply — which covers a wide variety of elderly in-home care services. This government-supported healthcare plan allows those with limited resources to access professional in-home care with specialized in-home health aides. Exploring the criteria and specific coverage offered by Medicaid can open avenues for families seeking financial assistance for their loved ones’ care needs. 

If you’re still questioning whether your loved ones’ insurance plan covers in-home care, the answer can be found by giving our team a call at Sandcastle Homecare. Together, we can determine what long-term care plans are available and covered for your aging family members and ensure that this next time in their lives is met with the utmost compassion and the best homecare services possible. By thoroughly understanding the nuances of your insurance options, you and your family can make informed decisions that prioritize the well-being and comfort of your mom or dad as they enter this stage in their lives.

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