A Guide To Choosing The Right Homecare Agency

Choosing the right homecare agency is no easy task. But it’s a pivotal decision that requires careful consideration and research. At Sandcastle Homecare, we understand the importance of finding a professional in-home care provider that aligns with caring for your mom or dad in the same way you would. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of aspects you need to consider in your in-home care agency search:


Begin identifying the specific care needs for yourself and your loved ones. Whether it’s dementia care for dad or finding a specialized agency to care for mom constant falls, understanding your parents’ needs in their golden years is imperative in finding the right agency to fit the bill.


The level of professional expertise needed is an important factor in considering your next homecare professional. Here at Sandcastle Homecare, we set ourselves aside by hiring the best home care aides and CNAs in the state of Florida, requiring them to meet our high standards for in-home care, while also understanding the specific needs of our clients. With a diverse and experienced background, our professional homecare team is dedicated in providing tailored plans to address the long-term care plans for you and your loved ones.


If your elderly loved ones are veterans, suffer from memory loss, or need specialized medical attention for their in-home care needs, your next homecare agency should address the specific needs using a tailored-to-them approach. It’s important in recognizing the specific needs of unique backgrounds, because in doing so, it can provide you and your loved ones with the highest level of independence and care needed to allow them to thrive at home


Explore how your homecare agency integrates with long-term care (LTC) plans, especially if you have LTC insurance that covers a broad variety of care options. At Sandcastle Homecare, we accept a multitude of coverage options, allowing you and your loved ones to express the freedom of choice when looking at costs and plan options.


One easy way to understand what your next agency offers with a real-world view is by reading and researching client testimonials. Looking for consistent positive experiences and hearing from those utilizing in-home care for their loved ones at a specific homecare agency allows you to get a deeper understanding of what you’re potentially signing your mom or dad up for. 

In the end, finding a professional in-home care agency can be a lengthy process and challenging for most of us. Whether you’re searching for homecare options for mom or dad, day-to-day help with a loved one who suffers from dementia or Alzheimer’s or are seeking daily companionship and aide for the special veteran in your life, your search should include and consider the parameters we’ve outlined above. 

If you have any questions regarding the options available to you and would prefer speaking with a live advisor that’s understanding and ready to help, our team at Sandcastle Homecare is available by clicking the contact button or calling us at 800-572-0135.

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